Rathergate 2.0: Sues for $70 Million

Ex-CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather has filed a $70 million lawsuit against his former network, parent Viacom Inc. and several of his ex-bosses, claiming they violated his contract and damaged his reputation, a published report said Wednesday.

No, actually you damaged your own reputation Danny boy for running a phony-baloney hit-piece crock-of-a story based on obviously forged documents. Documents that a bunch of dudes sipping bear, sitting at home on their couches with laptops figured out were fake in just a few hours. Oh – but it didn’t stop there. Then you further buried yourself by stridently defending the documents authenticity for two weeks even though there was clear evidence that the documents were typed in Microsoft Word then run through a photocopier several times to make them seem old.

Below: Charles Johnson’s animated GIF image comparing what CBS claimed to be a 1973-era typewritten memo with a 2004-era Microsoft Word document made with default settings


Bravo for playing the victim though and then bringing a law suit. How original.

Read more on Rathergate. Or Here, Here, Here, Here, and Here.


One Response to “Rathergate 2.0: Sues for $70 Million”

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    […] even true – anyone with a clue can easily tell the documents were faked – Do I seriously have to link to the documents again?). You report things that have been proven to be true. But like I was saying yesterday, the media […]

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