Apple Releases New GOP Scandal: The iFoley

Consider the following screen-grab from the scandalously hot new iFoley (aka iPod Touche)


Huh. Well what a surprisingly magical unicorn’s bosom fairyland coinkidink!

At this point in Apple’s video they are demoing the Safari web browser feature in the new iFoley by viewing the New York Times website (NYT: the bastion of unbiased reporting and self proclaimed, “All that’s fit to print.” Don’t let the blog doors hit you on the way out…). You could say this is the New York Times’ story, not Apples. But Apple doesn’t get off the hook that easy. I work in marketing – and nothing, absolutely nothing goes out the door without being scrutinized by the entire department. Every letter of text, every image chosen, is there for a specific reason. The image you see above was chosen for a reason.

Of course – it’s not like this is Breaking News. Al Gore has been on the Apple B.O.D. since 93 for crying out loud. During a Keynote, even Steve Jobs couldn’t resist good-gamed Gore’s power point piece about how much us evil humans are farting away the earth’s atmosphere.

Not that there is really anything wrong with Apple taking sides, but it really bothers me when people and companies are happy to drop subtle hints (or not so subtle in the NYT’s case) without really just admitting and owning their position. I especially detest the assumption that everyone agrees.

So – whats the good news? If I end up owning an iPhone one day -(my iPod is fried, cause Bush lied…)- I assure you it will be used to unpack, discuss and help people understand the conservative world view. (You know – the ultra fascist, SUV driving, baby bombing, rain forest burning viewpoint you think you learned so much about from all those subtle hints.) Plus – who needs the NYT and their south-end-of-a-northbound-horse reporting when you’ve got WTC?

And did I mention – Apple announced a new line of iPods today:

iPods 2007

I am sure the Fetching Mrs. WTC would agree with me about this outstanding piece of marketing copy:

best iPods ever.”

Like anyone could even know that Napoleon… (Did Gore come up with that one?)

Seriously though – $200 dollar price drop on the iPhone, that’s the money! Now all the Invisible AmericansTM that Hillary is always talking about can afford one. And for all the iPhone owners suddenly struck with intestinal problems about getting “ripped off by Apple”: That’s what happens when you buy tech hot off the first barge from China. Patience pays – but then again – perhaps you consider the early chance to show it off worth it. (Admit it – all your buddies nearly disowned you in envy for the last couple months…) Anyway – when the only negative people can come up with for a product is it’s price reduction, I say that’s not too shabby.

Oh – and in other semi tech related news: the Zune dropped $50 today… Jar Jar


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