Content-Aware Image Sizing (aka: Blow Your Mind)

Whhhhaaa? Yeah – that’s what I thought. Trust me – this video gets cooler as it goes along.

Similar to Allah‘s sentiments: Soon, how the heck will anyone ever know what’s real in a photograph? He touches a nerve with me when he also mentions that this technique will probably be picked up by Adobe soon…


I have a semi love/hate relationship with Adobe software. Mainly cause I use it day in and day out. Obviously – they have some very nice innovations going for them. BUT, Adobe needs competition. They are becoming the new Microsoft. Every new version has minor changes, but costs a fortune and is even more bloated than the last.

Competition benefits the consumer. This is one of the reasons I enjoy Apple being the underdog in the computer market, and frankly, I hope they stay that way. It forces them to have to try to come out with a better alternative. They have to innovate to stay afloat. If they don’t – then nobody buys it (except bonefide fanboys…). And I hope that Microsoft keeps pushing the envelope as well for that matter.

We end up winning.

Free Market -all the way!


One Response to “Content-Aware Image Sizing (aka: Blow Your Mind)”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    so….where do you get that nifty little tool they were using?

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