Flashback 1994: Getting on teh Internets

Notice how all the pages are just text with a graphic here and a graphic there. Also – all link color are the default blue/violet. Takes me back.

Oh but wait! Just search Geocities for “Awesome” and you get the same thing in 2007.

(Awesome is defined in part: amazing: inspiring awe or admiration or wonder; )

My Top “Awesome” Geocities pages:

I’ll close with a quote from the last site – and I’ll center the whole thing, cause it more accurately represents the authors original intent:

Star Wars is here, guys! Guys, Star Wars is here. GUYS! STAR WARS IS HERE! OH MY GOD IT’S SO AWESOME!!! HAVE YOU SEEN IT YET?!?!?! If you haven’t, you MUST! I don’t care if you don’t like Star Wars. Go see it. Ahh!! Yoda had a spectacular fight scene!! Oh my GOD! IT WAS AWESOME! And then the guy in front of us yelled “Yoda’s gonna kick some ass!!!” Oh, for the love of Jebus!! See this movie! “Wanna buy some death sticks?” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA HAHAHAHA!!!!! Heh heh heh heh
heh heh heh. I saw it at 12:01 this morning (5-16). It was fantastic. It was wonderful. It was wondertastic. Dun, dun, dun dun dun DUN dun, dun dun dun DUN dun DUN DUN DUN DUNNN!!!

Perhaps he forgot about this last bit…

Jar Jar

UPDATE: Matt sent me this massively ironic clip (especially around 2:30) 

“...an interesting kind of restraint, there’s not a lot of cursing or swearing, there’s not a lot of personal cuts. There’s not a lot of put downs that one would expect to find. You know, there’s not screen fulls of “Go To Hell!

It’s very tempting to…well…maybe I shouldn’t… Crap. Just can’t resist:


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