Friday Steynquote: Tragedy, “Bush’s War”, Invading Pakistan

Steyn SuitDP: “…I just wanted to start out by asking you about your reflections on the horrible tragedy that we’re learning about in Minneapolis.”

MS: “Well, you know, I think it’s a sad fact of life that this is something one is expected to have an opinion on. I remember when the tsunami struck, I was astonished within 48 hours at getting kind of hate mail from people who were complaining that I hadn’t taken a political position on the tsunami yet. And something similar, I think, has happened with this Minneapolis bridge, where everyone kind of jumps in and starts making generalizations either about it’s because we’re spending so much money in Iraq and Afghanistan that we’re not spending enough money on American infrastructure and all the rest of it. It’s way too early for that kind of thing. What has happened is a horrible tragedy. There are lots of places in the world where bridges collapse not routinely, but it’s not unexpected. It is rare in America, which I think testifies to the general sturdiness of American infrastructure. And when it does happen, I think the important thing is to mourn and sympathize with those who’ve been genuinely bereaved and those who are still waiting for news. This kind of rush to politicize everything, I think, is kind of sick and a little decadent, to be honest.

…(Call Dropped)…

I was just really making a simple point that I think common decency requires us to put some of the hyper-politicization on hold. You know, the idea that this is Bush’s fault, or the Governor’s fault, or any of this kind of stuff is just idiotic and insulting to the dead.

I whole-heartedly agree. Blaming the Minnesota bridge collapse on President Bush’s “warmongering” is absolutely despicable and ludicrous. These people should be ashamed and repudiated. The same can be said for the insensitive jerks in the media who were running specials on gun control in the midst of their reporting on the Virginia Tech massacre. This practice is vile and reveals a lack of compassion and good judgment on behalf of the offenders.

Idiots Insulting the Dead:

And people wonder why Air America’s Ratings are lying at the bottom of the free market sewer?


Back to Mark Steyn…

“DP: Do you think that there may be a tide turning a little bit in the media about how the surge is going?

MS: Well you know, I think it’s easy for us to lapse into fatalism. Fatalism is the curse of much of the Arab world, that if you look at, if you talk to people there, they often think that everything is preordained. And a lot of our discussion on the war takes place like that, that whether or not it was a good decision to go to war in March of 2003, the idea that its somehow got a pre-designated ending, and America can do nothing about that, is completely idiotic. America can change…

…(Call Dropped (must be Cingular))…

…I was just talking about on the war that I think all wars start off, you start badly, you learn your plan isn’t right, you adapt the plan, and how swiftly you adapt the plan is really the difference between victory and defeat.

DP: Absolutely. Where do you think the Democrats are at this point? I mean, do you think that they’re in a position, especially in the Senate, where they kind of have to begrudgingly give Petraeus until the September report?

MS: Well I think politically, they’re over-invested in defeat, and I think it’s just grossly irresponsible, because the fact of the matter is there’s a real country called Iraq, thousands of miles away, where 25 million people live, and what is at issue there is that the future of those 25 million people, and the future of American credibility in the world. And if you weigh that against you know, whether this or that piece of news is good news for the Democratic Party politically in Washington, I know which I think is the real issue, and I know which I think is the peripheral issue, and I think the Democrats just need to grow up about this. You know, you can save the arguments for the history book. But when you’re in the war, the best thing to do is just get on with it and win it, and not think that this can be portrayed as Bush’s war. It’s America’s war. And it will be a defeat if it’s lost, not for Bush, but for the United States of America.

DP: Well, speaking of Democrats that need to grow up, thirty seconds, Mark Steyn, Barack Obama wants to go in and invade Pakistan?

MS: Yeah, well I think that’s just, you know, the Democrats are always in favor of the war you’re not fighting. If someone was to say, oh, the 3rd Infantry Division go in tomorrow, he’d be hailing that as the new quagmire. The fact of the matter is that the Pakistani tribal lands are incredibly difficult areas. The idea that you could send either huge numbers of American troops or even special forces in there to operate, I think, is completely, I think is completely idiotic. It would cause…Pakistan has 120 million people who by and large are hostile to the United States. Getting them dancing up and down in the streets shouting death to the Great Satan is not a good idea.”

Full interview

(emph, mine.)

[ht: Steynonline, HH]

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