UPDATE: GOP YouTube Debate – To skip, or not to skip.

I am sure you have already heard the fervor over this one, but just in case you are massively out of the loop…

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the questions CNN selected for the Democrat’s debate – you owe it to yourself, at least for a good laugh. I have added some audio from the HH show where they run through all the questions. (Just scroll over on the right and you’ll find it in the Bonus Box file thing. Or click here.) Basically, it was a big freekin joke. CNN chose 38 questions out of thousands that were submitted. Then, they had the audacity to turn around and claim that they were, “not their questions”. Nice play on words CNN…

Either way, the whole thing turned into one big circus event that was much more of an agitprop publicity stunt than a “new media” experience. Not to mention – Al Qaeda fighters sitting in Waziristan watching the debate will have already concluded that they have an easy win, because we are just too stupid a country to take anything seriously. I mean really – snowman puppets asking presidential candidates about global warming…? What. The. Crap.

Anyway – so now, the Republican’s are talking about not attending their own CNN YouTube Debate. We’ll of course, with CNN choosing the questions, the candidates are going to get served a load of crap, the same way the MSM usually hands them crap. Here is Hugh’s take on the deelio:

The CNN YouTube debate was orchestrated by MSMers with no names and no accountability for the buffoonery that ensured. The GOP candidates skipping such a circus is not the same as the Democrats passing on a Fox News Channel debate moderated by Brit Hume and Chris Wallace, and I’d blast the GOPers if they skipped an MSNBC debate. In fact I’m all for letting Keith Olbermann moderate a debate of the GOPers because poor old Keith wouldn’t know what hit him. It isn’t about being willing to go anywhere and answer anything, it is about refusing to walk into a media box canyon where the anonymous MSMers will have had a few days to pick the best thirty body slams from tens of thousand of moonbat-generated videos. Would Patrick recommend the GOP candidates attend a YearlyKos sponsored and nutter-moderated debate? That’s what the YouTube Debate, GOP edition will be.” – Hewitt

Now – I can totally agree with that point, but the fact is – Joe Person, sitting at home, will only see Republicans skipping the debate as a big fat wuss out. Average people, with only a casual interest in politics, will read the headline, GOP Skips YouTube Debate, as the Republicans being afraid to talk with “the people.” This is because “average people” don’t believe that CNN is a slant left news organization. Of course – this does nothing to change the fact that it does slant left. What? Not convinced? Let’s take the following video selection for example:

Please. Do you really think that wacko represents gun owners? Remember – these questions were hand picked by CNN. There is no way you are going to tell me that out of several thousand entries there wasn’t one sensible question about guns. So with that in mind – what sort of questions do you think they will choose for Republicans?

Still, I don’t think it is a wise move to skip the debate. If anything, this could be a great chance to point out just how stupid some of the questions CNN chooses, turn out to be. Plus, even if CNN throws candidates loaded questions – it is a good opportunity for the candidates to prove their own leadership skills. I agree with Michelle Malkin’s take:

…conservatives shouldn’t abandon YouTube to the moonbats and jihadists. The GOP candidates should see it as an opportunity.

If the questions are stupid, say so.

If the forum is biased, say so.

Wouldn’t it be a breath of fresh air to see a Republican candidate take command, show some intestinal fortitude, and kick some MSM/left-wing assets?” – Malkin

That’s exactly right. This is an opportunity to turn a loose-loose situation into a big win. The GOP shouldn’t be afraid of being treated unfairly (they should be used to it by now). If CNN gives them an inappropriate and/or stupid question – all they have to do is call them on it. “Why exactly did you choose, out of thousands, THAT question ?”

So you can see both sides of the coin here. The whole thing will be a silly crock. The fact is that, they aren’t just “average people” asking “average questions”. CNN will choose what they want and then they don’t have to feel bad about the question because, it wasn’t really “their question”. But Joe Person sitting on their couch may not realize this point, and to not show up will be interpreted by those who aren’t too interested it politics as a major cop out.

You can read several other different opinions here:

Ultimately, I do agree with Hugh in this way:

“CNN should scrap the circus and invite a panel of John Burns, Bill Gerson, Thomas Ricks, Rowan Scarborough, Mark Steyn and Michael Yon to ask the questions. There’s a debate worth watching –for hours.”

That’s the best case scenario – which of course will never happen because most people are really more interested in what jail Lindsey Lohan will be in this week… (sigh).

UPDATE: Ok, after reviewing the questions online – I think I have basically changed my opinion. Every question I have heard so far has been either inanely stupid or completely irrelevant towards getting any shard of actually useful information from the candidates. Check them out for yourself and let me know what you think. Of course, I shouldn’t really be surprised. For example:

Firstly, are we talking about political candidates or theologians? Secondly, perhaps LaughingDeath should actually try reading the Bible before quoting it. The commandment is most directly translated, “You shall not murder,” not, “you shall not kill“. Completely different concepts. Obviously – LaughingDeath was too busy trying to set up a clever trap question to actually do some real study. Even if this question is not selected by CNN – this is a prime example of the uselessness of this whole venture. Serious candidates for the presidency of the United States of America shouldn’t have to put up with this bull-crap. Still – I guess they could just call CNN out on the ignorant nature of their chosen questions… Again, what do you think?


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