Sack of Crap Closes N.D. Pool

…further pool related news.

The largest pool in the state’s largest city was shut down on one of the hottest days of the year after vandals tossed a large bag of fecal matter into the water.

A swim team noticed the problem at the Island Park pool when they arrived to practice on Wednesday morning, park district officials said. The bag likely contained dog or other animal waste, officials said.

Dave Klundt, assistant director of recreation, said the vandals “may think it’s a funny prank, but they don’t understand they’re displacing a lot of people on a hot day.”

The temperature had reached 95 degrees on Wednesday afternoon.

Klundt said workers used 42 gallons of a chemical and water solution to disinfect the pool. The process takes 12 to 18 hours, he said.

About 750 people visited the Island Park pool on Monday, parks district officials said. Three other public pools in the city have been at or near capacity this week.

Sewage pool

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