Family Opens Punching-bag to find Underwear Raunch-fest

Seriously – What the crap?

Punching Hamper

A Cincinnati-area family got a smelly surprise when they opened a punching bag they purchased earlier this year.

Joe Heckel said he and his son were moving a TKO brand heavy punching bag from their garage to the basement when they decided to see what was inside in case the bag later leaked. But Heckel said that instead of sand or plastic pellets, he found the bag full of men’s and women’s underwear, some of it used.”(There were) bras, thongs and bathing suits. We could not believe there were clothes inside instead of sand,” he said.

Heckel said the smell was “bad, real bad.”

But on Thursday, a company representative saw Heckel’s story on a Houston Web site and called him.

Heckel said Thursday that the representative told him that the underwear in the bag was a “quality problem” that they were dealing with, and that the people who had made the decision to put underwear in the bags had been fired.

The representative said a new, non-underwear-filled bag would be shipped to Heckel shortly.

A “Quality problem???” BWUAHAHAHA!!!
Right. Gotta love the standard “smooth things over” company verbiage.

No, A “quality problem” is when the grommet on the hanging strap isn’t sewn on correctly. Not when the bag is full of used codpieces.

What’s the next bag going to be filled with? Dead dogs? Fish heads? Rancid swine-flesh?

Perhaps the same guy that stuffed the underwear in the bag was responsible for this other sack of feces

And what exactly happened to this pair? It looks like the owner’s right butt-cheek exploded.

source: [WLWT]


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