Pool and Water Stolen From Back Yard


Someone stole 1,000 gallons of water from Daisy Valdivia’s backyard. And they didn’t spill a drop.Valdivia woke Wednesday morning to find that her family’s inflatable pool, hip high and 10 feet in diameter and filled with water, was stolen from her backyard in the middle of the night. There is no evidence that the water was poured out, pumped out, evaporated or drunk.”I’ve never heard of a pool being stolen, let alone one with water in it,” Valdivia said.

According to Valdivia, the theft must have occurred between 1 a.m., the time her husband went to bed, and 5 a.m., the time she woke to put out the recycling.

“For them to do something that fast, that’s what amazes me,” she said.



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