Man vs. Wild :: Kimberley, Australia :: (season 2-3)

Want More Bear?


One Response to “Man vs. Wild :: Kimberley, Australia :: (season 2-3)”

  1. renee Says:

    thinks Bear from Man vrs Wild should have done a bit more homework when researching the Kimberlys in north Australia. What’s with walking around in the middle of that day??

    He drank his own pee when surrounded by boabs (water trees), used “ivy” (yam vines) to help make a shelter which he built by a rockface in a storm (temporary waterfall) and walked past so much norishing bush tukka is just got silly.

    Not to mention swimming in the river. Salties can be found over 250km inland. you do NOT appraoch one even slightly to see how pretty it is.

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