Gordon Smith as Captain Douche

Yah Oregon! Land of political dummies. Gorden Smith, from the floor the other day:

What the crap does he think he’s talking about? Who do you think America is fighting in Iraq? Have you heard the report from General Petraeus yet? What about reading this? Or this or this?

This bull-crap is obviously just a pathetic attempt to get re-elected.

Here’s my sentiments I fired off yesterday to El Capitán Douche de la Caca:

I’m sorry Mr. Smith, but I simply cannot support someone who refuses to listen to the advice of our military generals. Your opinion of the state of the affairs in Iraq should be derived from the information that you gather from their perspectives.

You state, “Iraq’s peace is one they must win on their own; we cannot win it for them. Our might should be focused on stopping terrorists who are plotting to bring harm to the United States.”

In part, I agree with you. Ultimately, Iraq must win their own peace. However, it would be foolish of us to abandon them when they have requested our aid. Furthermore – Iraq is central in a region of nations hostile towards its success. Do you think that if America withdraws its support, Iran and Syria will just abandon their meddling in Iraq? Do you not realize that this whole struggle is a regional conflict?

(Perhaps you have not had a chance to read The Looming Tower. If so, please read this book.)

What do you think prematurely leaving Iraq will accomplish? I can tell you for certain that any shred of America credibility will go straight into the trash. If the fledgling Iraqi government requires our help to promote the cause of liberty, then it is our duty, as the true bastion of freedom and strength in this world to provide that aid. Or do you think this a sacrifice too great? Or perhaps, a task simply unworthy of America? Have you really become that callous towards the Iraqi’s plight?

Consider this quote from Abu Ali, a resistance movement leader, fighting against al-Qaida in Iraq:

“I ask one thing, AFTER the Iraqi Army and Police take hold and the security forces ARE READY, we want a schedule for the leaving of the American forces.”

-Quote courtesy of Michael Yon (http://www.michaelyon-online.com/wp/al-qaeda-on-the-run-feasting-on-the-moveable-beast.htm)

Clearly, Ali understands the situation as he has to battle al-Qaida daily from his homeland. People who are serious about this war, talk about exiting AFTER the Iraqi’s are ready.

If you support the situation in Darfur – then go ahead and support the premature withdrawal of our forces in Iraq–because that is exactly what you are going to get in Iraq if we leave before their forces are ready to take over.

I know this war is unpopular, and some days the results are disheartening. This does not mean that we are loosing. In fact – it seems clear to me that the only way for us to loose this conflict, is to choose to – as you have suggested. This is not acceptable. We must win this conflict – whatever the cost. Giving up will most certainly be counted as a victory by al-Qaida, and the governments of Iran and Syria. America will be seen by the world to be a Paper Tiger as Bin Laden suggested. Do you think Iran will take us seriously after that? It is obvious that Iran already believes this as they continue to pursue nuclear weapons despite our threats. Again, If we bail in Iraq, Why would Iran take our threats seriously?

As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”. The tough don’t start spouting platitudes about “exit strategies,” and “Hail Mary passes.” Mr. Smith, It’s time to “put on the pants” on this issue. Yes, it may hurt your poll numbers – but the cause of freedom in the world, especially for the war ravaged middle east, is so much bigger than some silly election in Oregon. History will revere those who sacrificed the most for the sake of liberty (think WWII)- and it will despise those who were more concerned with self interest.

Unfortunately, I simply cannot support you until you show evidence of real serious thinking on this matter.

PS: And stop being such a pompous douche-bag.

Furthermore – if we pull-out too soon, and there is an all out massacre in Iraq (something nearly everyone agrees upon), then what are you going to run on Gordon?


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