Friday (audio) Steyn-Quote

Steyn on Podium

MS: Well, the fact of the matter is that there are two views on 9/11. And leaving aside the kook left for a minute, the soft left, summarized by the Boston Globe, doesn’t think it was an act of war. They think it was something sad that happened, it was sad it happened, like a tsunami, like a tornado, and it blew in out of nowhere, and people were killed, and we should all hold hands, and have a candlelight vigil, but it’s not something with implications, strategic implications to the United States. And so that’s why they see it as a card. They think Giuliani is exploiting a sad, tragic event that we were weepy about it five years ago, but it’s over, move on. And Giuliani sees it as something that is the great central challenge to America’s national security interest. That’s not a card. The people who think of it that way, I mean, that’s a very revealing edit from the Boston Globe, because it actually gets to the heart of the difference…

HH: Yup.

MS: …you know, that great divide between people who see it as an event of profound implication for American policy, and others who think it’s just like an ice storm or a tsunami.

[ht: HH]

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