Climate Change – Just Some Other Perspectives

UPDATE: Additional Videos Added
I posted my favorite quote from the Google video comment section below:
The Great Global Warming Swindle

Green House Conspiracy

Global Warming Doomsday Called Off

=====Best Comment=======

I heard the producer of this film licks toads to get high. The writers are Free Masons and may also have once been member of Skull and Bones with George W. Bush. The CFR was involve at the concept stage, and was urged on by the Bilderberg Group and the DeBeers diamond cartel. And of course there had to be extensive involvement by Big Oil, Big Car, and Big Cow. Finally, we should all remember that Bush lied, people died, and 911 was an inside job!


2 Responses to “Climate Change – Just Some Other Perspectives”

  1. Antoine Clarke Says:

    John Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones too.

  2. Science Cannot Be Closed. UPDATE: Video Added « What The Crap? - Says:

    […] A few documentaries you’ll never hear about, that show the other side of the debate. […]

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