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What I learned from TV and Movies

“We live in a world where “diversity” means not-conservative, where “multi-cultural” means not-Western European, where “tolerance” means intolerance towards those judged intolerant, and where “racism” can mean just about anything including the innocuous “you people.”

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Am Stupid


If you have ever seen the real David Blaine – this video is perfect. However – It has a few F-bombs in it so I am not going to embed it directly into my site. However, if you are not offended by a couple blue words you can click the image below and view the video on Youtube.


“…you could buy that scarf…”

Friday (audio) Steyn-Quote

Steyn Look

…on “The Fairness Crocktrine Doctrine

Transcript between Kevin James and Mark Steyn:

KJ: You know, you touch on something that Trent Lott has certainly touched a nerve on, this so-called fairness doctrine. And I’ve been sitting here feeling, I don’t know, a little assaulted lately. They want to talk about talk radio all the time, but I don’t hear the advocates of the fairness doctrine discussing the same thing for our mainstream media. Who’s going to monitor all of these television news programs to make sure that there’s not a left wing turn? And the newspapers?

MS: No, that’s what’s so crazy about it, is that the left in this country allow themselves to present themselves as impartial. There was a thing today that turned out that when someone rifled through the campaign finance records, that nine out of ten journalists in the United States donate, when they make campaign donations, to the Democratic Party.

KJ: Yes.

MS: The New York Times forbids its reporters from making donations, because it says with the ease of internet access, it would enable people to get a misleading impression that the paper isn’t even-handed. No, it would enable people to get the correct impression that your news is being written and researched and reported by Democratic Party contributors and voters and supporters. And that’s something that no fairness doctrine ever passed by the Nancy Pelosi Congress is ever going to cover.

Read the full transcript here.

Nakheel – Private Islands

Cool, and Ridiculous. Somehow – all I can think of when I watch these Nakheel videos is The Hanso Foundation…(be sure to click on the word “humanity“).

VDH – on Darfur as U.S. Fault

Further proof of the UN’s abject uselessness and absurdity:

I know that the flooding during Katrina was attributed to global warming as is the present drought in California. And I know that the President is often held responsible for everything for coddling al Qaeda in Wazirstan to wiping them out in Anbar. But it is rare to see both global-warming-hysteria and Bush-derangement-syndrome coalesce into a single pathology…

But wait, the new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that the genocide in Darfur was actually caused by global warming-that is the U.S., the biggest contributor to the supposed planet heat up.

Compare the logic-nothing about the absence elsewhere of mass murdering when rain is short, nothing about the phenomenon of either African tribalism, racist hatred of black Africans, or Islamic radicalism in Sudan or the effect of petroprofiteering; nothing about the genocide in wet areas like the Balkans. The only thing comparable to Ki-moon’s delusions was the infomercial by Dr. Zawahiri proclaiming undying hatred for the United States-in part for our failure to sign Kyoto.

Victor Davis Hanson
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Sharts on a Plane

Craziest headline of the day.

Continental Airlines Inc. is apologizing to its customers for “poor conditions” aboard a transatlantic flight where one passenger described sewage spilling down the aisle from a lavatory. “I’ve never felt so offended in all my life,” passenger Bollin Crock Collin Brock of Washington state told Seattle’s KING-TV. “I felt like I had been physically abused and neglected. I was forced to sit next to human excrement for seven hours.”

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Poor conditions? Physically abused and neglected? File this one as: classic under-over statement of the year.
Here’s an actual photo of Brock from scene on the plane:

Airline Sewage

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