The Problem with PETA

Consider diagram #1:

Teeth not Tongs

Further evidence of “animal cruelty:”

An Eagle eating some meat


A Wolf eating some meat.

Wolf Eats Meat

A Snake squeezing a mouse to death. Then eating some meat.

Snake Eating Meat

A female Lioness eating some meat from a striped horsey thing called a Zebra.

Lion Eats Meat

A Polar Bear eating some meat. Quite possibly a cuddly baby seal…

Bear Eats Meat

GI Joe’s – Big Game Huntin’


Oh wait… sorry.

Hopefully, by now you get my point.

Evidence of Human Cruelty



Cruel and Disgusting.


Cruel Beyond Belief:

Jar Jar

So Cruel that only – a double middle finger in your face, followed by a cannonball fired at your junk, while being forced to watch the movie Titantic and Spice World back to back while listening to this-
could even come close in comparison:

Ultimate BSOD

5 Responses to “The Problem with PETA”

  1. Derek Says:

    There are lots of problems with PETA… But your argument isn’t very good. I realized that none of the animals eating meat in your pictures have the ability to think rationally or abstractly.

    I don’t think animals are equal to humans — I’m all for animal experimentation that betters humans, something PETA opposes — but I think the unnecesarry cruelty of the food animal industry is just that… Unnecesarry.

  2. Jakob Says:

    Indeed since the bald eagle totally allows the salmon to bleed to death peacefully before gouging its brains with its beak. The ability to think rationally or abstractly does not therefore obligate a species to change its inherent instinctual nature.

  3. John Nivek Says:

    PETA unlike many extremist organizations, is tied to trendy people and ideas but is not grounded in reality. Besides they want popularity and money. PETA does this on the dead bodies of household pets. If you don’t believe me check this out…
    I wonder if the busy Hollywood supporters like Alec Baldwin are aware of this or care. If people want to make a difference, they would donate to the SPCA or their local animal shelter. I do it because they need it and not to make myself feel good.

  4. Mike Says:

    “The ability to think rationally or abstractly does not therefore obligate a species to change its inherent instinctual nature.”
    You sir, are an excellent couch philosopher. Feel free to use that phrase in the future….
    Thanks for sharing the link, and substituting one organization with an agenda for another.

    In alignment with these pictures and your view of wild life; “might makes right”. I don’t think you would be very happy if someone came over, held you at gunpoint and/or physically beat you before stealing your household goods, money, and food for their own survival. If you’re “down” with this sort of wild life survival mentality, please post your address.

    Also, by this logic, we might as well bring child labor back into the world, and conduct medical testing on handicapped and sick people, since I’m not obligated to any higher morals, it’s all the same on the molecular level right?. Hey, its all in the name of survival!

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