VDH – on Darfur as U.S. Fault

Further proof of the UN’s abject uselessness and absurdity:

I know that the flooding during Katrina was attributed to global warming as is the present drought in California. And I know that the President is often held responsible for everything for coddling al Qaeda in Wazirstan to wiping them out in Anbar. But it is rare to see both global-warming-hysteria and Bush-derangement-syndrome coalesce into a single pathology…

But wait, the new UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced that the genocide in Darfur was actually caused by global warming-that is the U.S., the biggest contributor to the supposed planet heat up.

Compare the logic-nothing about the absence elsewhere of mass murdering when rain is short, nothing about the phenomenon of either African tribalism, racist hatred of black Africans, or Islamic radicalism in Sudan or the effect of petroprofiteering; nothing about the genocide in wet areas like the Balkans. The only thing comparable to Ki-moon’s delusions was the infomercial by Dr. Zawahiri proclaiming undying hatred for the United States-in part for our failure to sign Kyoto.

Victor Davis Hanson
[ht: The Corner]

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