Whatthecrap? to Close Down!

Yes, it’s finally time. I have grown tired of the constant updating. So, regretfully I must report that sometime this week, I will be resigning from whatthecrap. But First:

THIS is Starship

In honor of a running gag on the Dennis Miller show.

Oh – and for those still confused: No – whatthecrap is not closing down. No freekin way that’s happening!
And by the way: Dennis Miller show – interesting. You should grab a hold of the podcast and give it a listen if you get a chance.


2 Responses to “Whatthecrap? to Close Down!”

  1. stupidtom Says:

    what the crap? no more what the crap?! just go down to once a week or something more manageable. You are very funny and I enjoy your site. hate to see it go.

  2. whatthecrap? Says:

    Never fear stupidtom – whatthecrap is here to stay!
    The above post is a running gag on a radio show I listen to. They tell some bogus story and just when you feel totally lost…And THIS – is Starship!

    “We built this city…”

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