Yon: Death or Glory part IV

Michael Yon concludes his tour with British forces. As usual the stories are touching and the photography exquisite. Certainly a refreshing break in the mundane doom and gloom coverage that seem to drive the majority of media reports from the region.Bedouin

There is no way for our people to just “melt into the desert” unnoticed. The battle here, as General Petraeus keeps saying, is for the people. Whoever wins the people will hold the greater influence Iraq, and therefore the region. Soldiers, be they from Scotland or Scottsdale, come out here and battle for the sentiments or business sense of the people. Soldiers, who only months ago were perhaps drinking beers in London pubs, and who speak only English, who’ve been taught to shoot straight and to blow things up, now are learning to win battles without firing shots. –Michael Yon

As usual, Yon correctly points out that this conflict is about the dangerous influence of dark minded leaders and governments corrupting average people. We (Americans and Iraqis) certainly have our differences. But it remains clear that neither of us deserve, and perhaps, desire freedom less. If there is any way that we Americans can lend a hand to these people – to help them achieve liberty – we must. To me, this is what the very core of America was meant to be.

Be sure to read Yon’s whole series.


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