Rationality & Morality: No grounds in Materialism, Naturalism

Because the very concepts of Rationality and Morality are immaterial things – given that both Materialists and Naturalists believe only in things that have a physical existence (our thoughts are nothing more than natural electrical impulses) – Rationality and Morality have no logical basis or cause in a Materialistic or Naturalistic world view. Here is a clear explanation of this concept (7 minute audio clip):

Topics and questions discussed:

  • Materialism defined
  • What is a moral obligation?
  • What is a rational principal?
  • Atheists can be moral, but without grounding
  • Inferences are rational
  • The nature of some things existence, imply a cause
  • Morality, an obligation between people (not things)- must have grounding
  • Where do Morality and Rationality come from?
  • What gives them substance?
  • Do effects have causes?

[via: STR.org]


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