YouTube Quietly Reverses Related Video Feature

So yesterday you may have read my post about YouTube adding a retarded related video feature that automatically showed up in embedded videos. Well, the response was almost entirely negative and so that feature is no more. And good riddance.

It sounds like they tried a variation first where you still got the related videos menu once your clip ended – but as far as I can tell, that idea got flushed too. I think that overall it’s a good decision. Nobody wants YouTube user tags to decide what content is on their site. Viewers can still easily click directly on the video clip if they wish to travel to the YouTube page where they can watch related clips. This always was the best idea.

I kinda wish YouTube would say something about it at least. It seems silly to just change everything back and pretend it didn’t happen. I work in web design and often you get so focused on the trees (features) you forget the forest. Usually it takes someone else to point out an obvious flaw in your idea. It’s a good opportunity to step back and laugh a bit. Most people will laugh with you if you let them. Not saying anything about it, though, just makes a company seem less human. Perhaps YouTube will come up with a response soon. My suggestion – work Jar Jar in. That’s a bad decision everyone can hate…

Jar Jar Suggestion

2 Responses to “YouTube Quietly Reverses Related Video Feature”

  1. What the Crap? YouTube’s Evil New Embed Feature « Says:

    […] YouTube’s Evil New Embed Feature June 7th, 2007 — whatthecrap? UPDATE: It looks like they changed their minds.  […]

  2. nilbud Says:

    Aww, I liked it.

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