London Olympic Logo = Value Village Quality

I can already see shirts with this logo on it lining Value Village and other good will shelves…in the worst of the 80’s sections.

This logo might work if it was embroidered onto a sweet hypercolor velcro wallet.Sweet Wallet

By the way, I guess the logo was pulled because:

A promotional film showing the new logo for London’s 2012 Olympic Games was scrapped after complaints from epileptics who said it caused seizures.

The 2012 Olympics symbol has been widely criticized since its introduction on June 4. The film showing an animated version of the logo diving into a pool was removed from the games’ Web site yesterday after Epilepsy Action, a U.K. charity, said it’s dangerous to epileptics who are sensitive to flickering light.

Read Article [ht: Randy]

Sorry London, but 400,000 pounds later – you leave me no choice…
Jar Jar London

UPDATE: Listen to this official crap: 

And then here’s the Saved By The Bell mockery: (it has a prominent vulgarity at the end – you’ve been warned):


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