(pre-emptive) Friday Steyn-Quote

On Harry Reid referring to illegal immigrants as “undocumented Americans”:
Steyn Suit

You preach it, Senator. But we need more than words. How come there are no Undocumented-Americans among the Democratic presidential contenders? Is John Edwards “uncomfortable” around Undocumented-Americans? Why hasn’t the President appointed an Undocumented-American to the Supreme Court so Democrats can denounce him as “inauthentic” and an “Oreo”, all shadowy on the outside but a WASP (White Anglo-Saxon with Passport) on the inside?

Plus: Bonus Steyn – On the Useless Nonentities (U.N.)

This week’s U.N. report on Sudan nicely captures the alternative to Bush-style climate change. After months of expressing deep concern, grave concern, deep concern over the graves and deep grave concern over whether the graves were deep enough, Kofi Annan managed to persuade the U.N. to set up a committee to look into what’s going on in Darfur. They’ve just reported back that it’s not genocide. Phew, thank goodness for that. It turns out it’s just 70,000 corpses who all happen to be from the same ethnic group; could happen anywhere. But it’s not genocide, so don’t worry about it.


More Steyn Love at Hotair. Bonus: Colmes and Williams get the intellectual smack down for talking out their bungs.

UPDATE: Links for Matt on UN’s utter uselessness and pathetic incompetence decision:


One Response to “(pre-emptive) Friday Steyn-Quote”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    can you source the UN story? I’d like to read more and am too lazy to find it on my own.

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