Microsoft Makes Something Cool?!?

I know…serious What The Crap…

I have to say, “It’s about time.” Honestly – this is one of the coolest looking products. Hopefully, you have been pretty much blow away by the coolness.


Unfortunately – nothing that Microsoft is doing holds a candle to this next product.

I’m not even kidding – you may want to use the bathroom before proceeding.

And Now…

The Palm Foleo:

Huge H.T. [hotair]

2 Responses to “Microsoft Makes Something Cool?!?”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    Wow, Palm, way to go. I hope they don’t die to Apple. Would really hate to carry an iPhone.

    Props to MS for snatching up the multi-touch thing. I’m wondering what the computer running the thing will look like. Does it interface with a desktop Windows box, or….?

  2. whatthecrap? Says:

    If you watch any of the other videos MS starts by with a demo of…



    Wow, still ringen’ that shammy, eh? Really breakin’ some new ground there Copernicus.
    I guess you can only think out of the box so much at one time. It’s a good thing they get around to showing the real features like it’s device integration. The one where they use it to compare products – or the one where you can order food – that’s more like it. Now we’re talking innovation.

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