The Real Jack Sparrow


Read about the real Pirate that Jack sparrow is based on.

9 Responses to “The Real Jack Sparrow”

  1. riveroflifelisajoy Says:

    I love Johnny Depp….he is a friend in my head….a strange friend…but a friend nonetheless! ^~^!

  2. shania Says:

    jack sparrow…….he is My best friend ….. in the world…… i love him so much…. jack sparrow should like me s much as i like him…… i love so much……… he is such a good no GREAT GREAT actor…….. my fav movies are pirets of the carribian…… i love you jack

  3. Marine Says:

    i love jack sparrow

  4. Izz Says:

    Johnny Depp is the hottest man alive… I swear… I would die if I met him, but he is my friend in my mind…

  5. caro y ana Says:

    te amamoooss

  6. hip-hop-dancer Says:

    I love you so much I just love have you do the thing in pirates of the Caribbean it is so good and are you doing another pirates of the caribbean

  7. hip-hop-dancer Says:

    and do you like cheese

  8. smash boom bang Says:

    whoa, he is the hottest man in da universe! i have three posters of him in ma room! yep! thththats all folks!

  9. anonimo Says:

    I love jack sparrow too

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