If you knew… Would you still…?

Bill Bennett (former United States Secretary of Education) asks this question-

Would you be in favor of withdrawal from Iraq if you knew the following things:

  1. Instead of 100’s of people dying, there will be thousands a week.
  2. That Zawahiri and Bin Laden will be dancing saying, “We defeated them. We said they were not a strong horse. We said the U.S. was a paper tiger. We said they would run and we were right.”
  3. The worlds second largest reserve of oil in Iraq will be controlled by who…? Al Qieda? Iran? Both?
  4. That the rest of the world may conclude that U.S. cannot be trusted when it says, “It will be there.” -that it’s word is not good.

Would you still be in favor?

Audio Clip:

[via: HH]


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