Ron Paul should run for Calif

…if it was a position anyone could run for. Perhaps he could at least brush up on his history a bit. Here are Ronny Baby’s comments from the latest debate, plus a little history refresher from Hugh:

And Rudy blasts back:

Out of the loop?
Background:Islamic Caliphate

(audio: HH Show)

Prefer video?

By the way: That was Not an apology.


5 Responses to “Ron Paul should run for Calif”

  1. Robert Says:

    Ghouliani should apologize for his ignorance and making 100 mil from waving the 9/11 bloody shirt.

  2. Hobbie Says:

    Ron Paul is a true hero. “blowback” is real, the term was coined by our own CIA. Guiliani is the pathetic war monger that would rather spread lies and propaganda for political power. If the Republican party doesn’t elect Ron Paul as their candidate, I will abandon the party altogether…………………..

  3. whatthecrap? Says:

    Better start packin’ your bags Hobbie, cause Ron Paul doesn’t have snowflake’s chance in hell at getting the nomination.

  4. History Says:

    Ron Paul was absolutely correct though, it is you who needs to brush up on history.

    In fact, it is in the damn title of Osama’s declaration of war that it is due to the US being in the “holy land.” It is in the Official 9/11 reports that the suspected reasons for the attack are due to US positions in the Middle East. It is in many CIA reports that the past attacks were due to US foreign policy.

    Ron Paul never said they were justified, in fact he is just as against those attacks as anyone. However, he is completely correct and anyone who believes differently is extremely ignorant.

    Giuliani, the mayor at the current time of the attacks, simply could not be bothered to read any of these documents. That is not who we want running this country.

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