Goin’ Postal

Thank you so very much USPS…
Goin’ Postal

5 Responses to “Goin’ Postal”

  1. Liz Says:

    Let’s just start pasting 41 1-cent stamps on there so the postal workers are forced to count each individual stamp before processing our letters to make sure they don’t get cheated.

  2. whatthecrap? Says:

    HAHA! Great Idea. I thought of that too! There would just be a little window on the front for the address…

  3. Dennis Says:

    I think Carrie and I will use only one cent stamps for our wedding invitations.

  4. Oldtimer Says:

    I remember when a Coke was a nickel and a new Ford, Chevy or Plymouth cost under $1,500. I bought gasoline for 14¢ a gallon when I got my first car, a used 37 Plymouth –followed by a used ’42 Packard. Wish I still had the Packard or maybe a Studebaker. Both were great cars.

    We had penny postcards then and a stamp cost 3¢.

    I weeded a farmers oinion patch for 10¢ an hour and went home feeling rich. I took a job in a a facotry when my senior year in high school and was in pig heaven because I made $65 a week.

    I traveled coast to coast for years for my company and a clean motel room (A new Holiday Inn or quite new Howard’s Johnson’s cost me $8 to $12 a night.

    I recently bought a diesel truck and it cost me $42,000 — three times the price of my first house in the Chicago suburbs. I bought it to drag around a large fifth wheel mobile home for retirement when I sold my company, but being a “trucker” fighting today’s traffic wore me out. And I wanted to be around people. So I took a job, working for somebody else.

    Now I have live in an almost new house on 3 plus acres in Florida, have a six figure income and although well I am well past retirement age I’m still working a 50-60 hour week. I sold my business up north and bought a small shipping and mailing store — Goin’ Postal store in addition to working my regular job.

    That’s why I feel I can afford a 41¢ stamp.

    At today’s gasoline prices it probably costs me that much just to drive from my house down my winding lane to my mailbox.

    At the same time, because I started out broke, I try to remain frugal. And I agree, e-mail is the answer. One doesn’t even have to send a check. You bank will automatically pay your bills when they come due each month.

    That’s probably why the USPS keeps rasiing the price of stamps, and also because FedEx, UPS and DHL provide better service.

    There are 875,000 postal workers in the U.S. to serve 300 million people. Each makes between $36,000 and $43,000 a year and they have a union that jacks up their benefits. Some make more than teaachers with specizalized degrees.

    Long winded way to suggest why stamps probably cost 41¢ now. But I ain’t bellyachin’. Life is far better now than it was 40-50-60 years ago. Over all living a fairly long life in the United States has been very good.

  5. Goin' Postal Penn Yan Says:

    Good Answer Oldtimer. We agree wholeheartedly. $.41 to move a letter anywhere in the 50 United States is still a great deal.

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