George “Gungan-Lover” Lucas calls Spiderman 3, “Silly.”

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Lucas told me he has seen all the summer movies since his company, Industrial Light and Magic, does most of the special effects. The only one they didn’t work on was “Spider-Man 3.” What did he think of it?”It’s silly. It’s a silly movie,” he said. “There just isn’t much there. Once you take it all apart, there’s not much story, is there?”

Well, it’s not “Star Wars.”

“People thought ‘Star Wars’ was silly, too,” he added, with a wink. “But it wasn’t.”


Everyone together now…

Shut Your Festering Gob

He must be kidding…

If there is one man that can single handedly turn something cool into something that abjectly reaks of cliche ridden, mindless, half-witted, poorly written, poorly conceived, pathetic excuse for acting, boot-in-the-junk, crock-of-crap, inconsistent, futile, bash-my-face-in, barftastic crapfest, poppycock, worthless, waste of time, senseless garbage, buried under a mountainous heap of bantha fodder and bat guano-ed silliness – it’s George ‘I hate sand, it’s rough” Lucas. What a freekin’ joke.
In contrast to the original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III were absolute trash and everyone knows it.

Taking ‘scum and villainy’ to the next level

Now I haven’t even seen Spiderman 3 – but there is no way it will come within a billion parsecs of the silliness portrayed by George Lucas’ heinous Star Wars Prequels. I think unleashing the likes of Jar Jar Binks on the world disavows you from ever calling anything “silly” again. Even this 80s break dance fight…

…doesn’t quite own up to the total silliness in Darth Vader’s, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!, or Hayden’s petrified woodfest acting, or midichlorines, or any number of other horrible things GL brought the world in the Prequels.

Ace has it right on: Pot, Meet…Lucas….

Lucas, why don’t you climb back down the wookie crapper hole you pole vaulted out of before you butcher any more classics. (we all know that that Indie 4 is likely to be crap.)

So, without further ado, the Jar Jar Award of the millennium can only go to one person – it’s sole creative genius – the man who made the poodoofest: George “‘Misa bustin with happiness’- is not silly, it’s serious” Lucas.



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