How to be professional.

Let’s get this clear. I understand typos. I make them all the time. It’s embarrassing and I should be more careful. However, when I am writing something in a professional context (ie. Not whatthecrap – Ha!) I try to be extra careful and double, maybe triple check before I send something out. With that in mind…

I posted this help request to a certain company the other day.

“I own Flash 8 which comes with Flash 8 Video Encoder. How come when I try to use the Flash Encoder your “Created with **** * *** Trial” watermark appears over my video file? “

Here was their reply (I have marked the…uh…stuff):

HI *****,
The watermark appears on clips if the wmv source file was imported into a QTediting application in **** * *** in trial mode.
Somwhwre in ypouwork flow those flash files used imported wmv files that wer used during the trial mode.
If you don’t have WMV player Pro,(THE IMPORT COMPONENT), you will need to upgrade if yopu are to use wmv files as source files.
Best regards,
*** *****
**** * *** Support

My Reply –

Hye *** *****,

Thnksa fro ghettig beck ter meh. I gess hat “somwhwre yopu wer” in a bit of a hurrly too replay. Aniwey, I wil ba shore too contect teh gay tht sent me teh WVM fiel.

Brest Regreds,


Shish – next tim tray runnig spealcheek.


3 Responses to “How to be professional.”

  1. Tmi Welbroum Says:

    Tihs aws my faverite pist wet!

  2. Enoch Says:

    HAHA. I have had that happen to me so many times!

  3. Tony Says:

    If you cant spell correctly at least get a browser that spell checks for you, like Firefox 2.0

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