UPDATE: Islam Vs. Islamist – Too Hot for PBS?!?

UPDATE: Here’s the Trailer

…the important film you may never see. PBS censoring something?!? I’m so shocked!
Full Title: Islam Vs. Islamist, Voices from the Islam Center.

Listen for the Full Scoop

Here’s the 11 minute audio synopsis of the situation in an interview between Hugh Hewitt and Frank Gaffney (President of the Center for Security Policy).

…So Compelling, So Powerful…

Apparently, the film was chosen and funded by CPB after a lengthy competition of ideas, narrowing down to a few films that would receive grants to begin filming. Gaffney points out that their film was selected, “...because the story of these anit-Islamist Muslims, these ‘endangered species’ – was recognized to be so compelling and so powerful, and the film-making of Martin Burke (sp?) so…well, high quality – that we were given the go ahead, and in fact – the CPB at one point said we were going to be one of 8 films (now one of 11 films) that were going to be rolled out on the 15th of April (coming up very shortly)…

(emph. mine)

Alarmist – Extremely One Sided?

He continues to say that it now will not be shown because (according to Robbin McNeal (sp?)), “It is alarmist, and extremely one sided…” Gaffney replies that they went to great lengths to “dumb down” the film but the truth was just plain “alarming”. Speaking for the center Muslims:They’re alarmed, they’re frightened – Not only for their own lives, which are in many cases, literally at risk, but for what they see happening to Western societies…” Gaffney also goes on to mention that Robbin McNeal has a film that will be shown (even though it was not selected, nor was it submitted as part of the competition). It also needs to be mentioned that McNeal is in fact the moderator of the film series. Listen to the audio clip for further information.

Ask To See It

A very fishy turn of events if you ask me. Of course, I would be lying to say I am shocked that PBS would do something like this given their usual antics. However, If you are interested in seeing this film you can do something: Contact Pat Harrison (CBP President) at (202) 879-9600. Gaffney requests that you please thank her for allowing them to make the film – but request that PBS allow the film to be played through other means.

[via – Hugh Hewitt.]


Film Review:

Moving between America and Europe, the documentary tells the story of several outspoken moderate Muslims who have waged an often lonely struggle against individuals and organizations that try to advance the Islamist social-political agenda. For their efforts, moderates like the Syrian-born Danish parliamentarian Naser Kader and Arizona physician and activist Zuhdi Jasser have received hateful criticism and even threats of violence. The film also introduces us to the Islamists, ranging from prominent imams to editors of Muslim newspapers to street toughs in groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir. We learn about the Islamists’ efforts to fan controversies or to create “parallel societies” in which Islamic law replaces secular civic law. We even hear these champions of enforced puritanism denounce the moderates as extremists.

Read Full Film Review

You can also click over to Free The Film (http://www.freethefilm.net/) if you want to gather more information about the film (just try to ignore the Papyrus) and/or sign a petition requesting it’s release.

[via – LauraW. @ Ace of Spades , US News]


6 Responses to “UPDATE: Islam Vs. Islamist – Too Hot for PBS?!?”

  1. Pareen Says:

    hie…i had asked you about how to embed te youtube videos in wordpress…whilw checking out your blog, i came across this post where u have put an audio…can u tell me how did you embed it? is it through some code or thru some widget?

    sorry if i sound like ‘new kid tryin to blog’…thanks anyways

  2. Mike Schneider Says:

    They should release the film to the internet via eMule in XVID format at 640x(whatever) screen-width.

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  4. Tiffany Says:

    I would love to see this film. Do you know where I can get it?

  5. whatthecrap? Says:

    Currently it is unavailable as far as I can tell. As soon as a viewable version pops up, I will post any information I can here. You should call PBS for sure and express your desire to see it.

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