For the Love of Postmodernism

Do you enjoy suggesting the use of the predialectic paradigm of discourse to deconstruct sexism? Perhaps the critique of neodialectic construction as a mythopoetical totality sparks your interest. No? What about discussing whether or not your idea is contextualised into a patriarchial postsemanticist theory that includes consciousness as a whole?

Did you get that?

Either way – you have to admit, if one examines patriarchialist capitalism, one is faced with a choice: either accept social realism or conclude that language is capable of truth. Therefore, an abundance of discourses concerning a mythopoetical whole may be discovered. The subject is contextualised into a deconstructive appropriation that includes language as a paradox.

Still don’t follow me? (Perhaps you needed to pay more attention in college.)

Consider, in the works of Gaiman, a predominant concept is the concept of cultural reality. The example of subdialectic narrative depicted in Gaiman’s Death: The Time of Your Life emerges again in The Books of Magic. Thus, feminism holds that sexuality is intrinsically elitist, given that Marx’s critique of textual postdialectic theory is invalid.

What the Crap is going on here???

The Absolute Horsecrap Postmodernism Generator

Perhaps what you were really looking for was:

The Band Name Generator

Your band’s name is (pick one):

  • The Baby Flower Orchestra
  • A Handful of Litterbugs
  • Donna Phillips and the Shaved Cowboys
  • The Red Politics Brigade
  • The Shaking Hamsters
  • Space Girl
  • Three Jugglers and a Hog
  • The Whiskey Institute
  • mouseland
  • Silver Horse
  • The Happy Frog Audition
  • A House of Moons
  • Six Thumbs and Their Synth
  • Messiest Chain
  • Crystal Gun

2 Responses to “For the Love of Postmodernism”

  1. whatthecrap? Says:

    Though we now have some cool band names to consider, none of the above hold a candle to The Queerest Fancies.

  2. Ben H Says:

    That’s a really cool essay generator! Good find!

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