Super Mario Bros Themes

This could be the ‘Feel Good’ post of the year. If this doesn’t make your day, I seriously don’t really know what could. (You could try scrolling down to the Unitards).


Let’s start with the least impressive and work down to the most:

The Outhouse Tuba Version…

The UnManly Version

Yeah, Flute + Beat boxing + Stash – leaves me feeling a little less dude-like. Still – the guy has got skills. I wonder if he has considered Falconry?

The Piano Marathon

Wow – the Gameboy music. Now we are really going back. …a million family car trips. (Except my family where Gameboys were outlawed…we looked at scenery…)

The Wickedly Tasty Lick Shred Your Face Off Version

Believe it or not, my wife and I seriously considered having this song (the original midi one) play when we walked down the isle at the end of our wedding. The setting was the only think that didn’t allow it. Bummer…

The Phatty McBass Version

Ok- things are starting to heat up. I think he ends on the wrong pitch though… But then – the points after, Sweet!

The Classical/Hawaiian Version

This is quite amazing. I want to try and learn this one.

The Absolutely Nuts Two Guitar Freak Version

‘Freak’ – as in, Playing both parts together – that’s ridiculously cool.


6 Responses to “Super Mario Bros Themes”

  1. Kakashi Says:

    i’ve seen the last one and i have subscribed to him

  2. owen Says:

    i <3 The Piano Marathon

  3. R.J. Says:

    Yo! Nintendo’s definitely got the best video game tunes of all time! Though Sonic isn’t too far. ai…

  4. Mariela Says:

    I´m glad I found this blog, It made me remember my happy times =)

    In fact, I gonna share with you all a website where you can
    play for free all Mario Bros Games online

    The site is:

    checkit, you’re gonna love the site too !!

  5. E. Baumer Says:

    My husband and I played this until our fingers fell off! We eventually beat the whole thing and I am sure we will be playing again very soon! It is a must have game for the Wii!

    E. Baumer

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