6 Months and not 1 post devoted to male unitards??? I should fire myself!


Chicks love grey…


I’m blue, dadum dee dadum…




Gaze upon my upraised hand…only.




Excuse me -Did you just snap my unitard?


The Unitard Stance


Uh…wait a minute. Actually – this did come up in an image search for male unitards…

So…. Not related???


8 Responses to “Unitards”

  1. Ben Says:


  2. Jesse Says:

    Andrew, you forgot to include the ever ridiculous track tard…I sadly wore one in college.

  3. Tim Says:

    I hope to see another post asap so I don’t have to look at these pics every time I visit!

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  5. Ben H Says:

    Andrew, I hope you didn’t search too long for unitard photos… Or at least I hope you didn’t linger too long when you found the photos above. After seeing the Cyan-a-tard, I did a little burb that left a pit of puke in my throat.

  6. Ben H Says:

    Weird I switch letters in my typo above… I meant to say;

    I did a little BURP that left a BIT of puke in my throat.

  7. Liz Says:

    I’m really glad we pay for high speed internet so that you can search for unitards in your spare time.

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