What is the Most Difficult Task in the Universe?

Please consider the following:


Notice anything peculiar? No? Here – allow me:


“Holy Moly! What’s that tubular brown thing? And why can’t I get any paper from it?”

Someone actually took the time to unwrap a new roll and then manually dispense paper without the help of the roller. They’re rear must have been extremely difficult to reach because somewhere in their wiping frenzy, they failed to replace the empty roll with a new one.

For those still wondering what the heck I am talking about:


I know what you’re thinking, “Piece of Cake, Right???”

WRONG! I had to call the janitor and he brought in some hydraulic tools and a forklift. After about a half hour of fiddling around, we finally called the fire department and they were a able to dispatch a specialized team of trained professionals. Even so, several of the fireman received serious muscle strains trying to compress the plastic tube. Once the new role was finally in place, a heated dispute erupted over how to dispose of the mysterious brown tube. Eventually, OR-OSHA arrived and informed us that we could either, encase the tube in cement and bury it – or simply throw it away.

What an ordeal. No wonder somebody left it.

One Response to “What is the Most Difficult Task in the Universe?”

  1. Tim Says:

    Hey- At least you have access to that stuff where you work.

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