OUTRAGE! Female British Captive…A Smoker!

Christopher Hitchens talks about the British sailors who were taken captive: (Audio Duration – 1:29)

Selected Transcript ===============

CH: Sorry, I just can’t resist telling you a story that you may think would otherwise be a joke, But –Patricia Hewitt (the ghastly woman who is Tony Blair’s secretary of health) made the best comment so far…You could tell a lot from this I think: She said she was outraged to see that the female sailor who was exhibited on Iranian TV…was smoking – Cause this sends exactly the wrong message to the young people of Great Britain. You see what I mean? This is not exactly…

HH: That really isn’t a joke?

CH: I promise you it’s not. This is not quite the bulldog breed, is it?

HH: Yeah, it’s not going to ring down the halls of history.

CH: It doesn’t, sort of, say ‘Civis Britannicus Sum‘ – doesn’t say anything defiant…

When I saw the image of the woman smoking I immediately jumped to my feet and ran to 7-11 to pick up a case of cigarettes. I have been sucking down as many as I possibly can nonstop since (sometimes 20 or so at a time…).

WARNING: Below is an image of a woman smoking. I am not responsible if you immediately have to grab a wad of cigarettes, shove them into your nose and mouth, and start sucking. Remember – smoking can ruin your health.


I also heard several of the former captives don’t know how to replace a roll of toilet paper... (see next post)

[via: Hugh Hewitt]


4 Responses to “OUTRAGE! Female British Captive…A Smoker!”

  1. whatthecrap? Says:

    I transplanted this comment from a Digg User (newbee70):

    “They need to give her a dishonorable discharge. Try her and hang her to prove they care about the kids.”


  2. Matt Turkington Says:

    The real message here, kids, is don’t get CAPTURED…..

  3. whatthecrap? Says:

    “The real message here, kids, is don’t get CAPTURED…..”

    ….on video smoking. Ever.

  4. Steve Rives Says:

    Oh The Rant I Could Go On Right Now.

    Btw, Did You Know That It’s Illegal To Own A Gun In Good Ol’ England?

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