Goodbye Racism – Hello Gun Control

Yesterday was a tragedy. My sympathies go out to Virginia Tech and anyone involved in such a terrible and sad event. I cannot fathom what kind of a coward it takes to do something so absolutely senseless and horrific. We should all grieve for the families who have lost children and the friends who have died.

Unfortunately – This is the one thing that the media is incapable of doing because, in reality, the Main Stream Media doesn’t know how to deal with a tragedy. The news tries to treat tragedies like an episode of CSI. They cover the event all day long, and we watch, bleary eyed, wondering if new evidence will pop up after return from commercial. Obviously, this is almost never the case in real life. So – what can the media do next: Start guessing. Just look at how quickly the news is trying to point the finger. It couldn’t have been an hour after the breaking news that they started whipping up conjectures over how something like this could happen. Both the police, and the schools response to the event have been questioned. It seems that people forget – Hindsight is 20/20. And then, of course, there’s the ole’ classic: Almost instantly – this was posted in the middle of the article on ABC News:


Related??? As if Gun Control could have made a dang lick-a difference in this situation.

What families need here are prayers and whatever help they can get. Not the media trying to blame somebody and dragging up irrelevant political debates.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Racism – Hello Gun Control”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    I’m right with you. It’s tragic the things that happen in this world, and it certainly doesn’t help the way people jump on blame bandwagons mere minutes after they’re over. If all the energy spent after Katrina trying to determine if Bush knew it was going to happen and did nothing (ridiculous) was spent helping reunite families, there might have been some happier endings. In this case, the news reports had barely started when people were complaining that this wasn’t done a certain way or that wasn’t done quick enough. They seem to forget that, when faced with a crisis, you don’t have all the information. You only know what’s happened so far and you try your best to make decisions based on that. This time, they thought the shooting was a domestic disturbance in the dorms, and they reacted appropriately. Later, they found that a madman was loose on campus. That’s not their fault for not assuming the worst. If every time there was a domestic disturbance they locked the whole campus down, people would be outraged!

    What I don’t understand is why, in the midst of tragedy, people can’t mourn the fallen, support those still standing, and work to heal the wounds. Why do we instantly start pointing fingers and fighting? It doesn’t help…..

  2. Steve Rives Says:

    At The Point That America’s At Right Now (And By That I Mean That There Are Millions Of Guns In America), Gun Control Will Only Keep Law Abiding Citizens From Owning Guns.

    Lets Look At It This Way: Lets Draw An Imaginary Line Down The Middle Of Eugene. Lets Take The Guns Away From The People On East Side Eugene. Heck, Lets Take Them Away From Springfield Too. BUT Lets Not Touch The Guns In West Eugene. If You’re A Criminal, What Side Of Eugene Are You Going To Commit A Crime On? The Criminals Will Still Have Guns ‘Cause They Don’t Give A Crap About Gun Laws.

    Now I Don’t Believe That We Should Have Access To Handgun Clips That Hold More Than 10 Rounds; That’s Just Stupid. I Mean, What Is The Point Of A Handgun? You Can’t Use It For Hunting Or Target Practice (Really). All A Handgun Is Made For Is Killing People. Now Before You Go On A Rant, I Am An Owner Of A Handgun (Check Out My Pics On My Myspace And Facebook) And I Do Own Clips For My Handgun That Hold More Than 10 Rounds. Do I Need Them? Pfffttt, NO! It’s Fun, But To Think That Guys Like Cho Has Access To Clips Like That As Well Scares Me.

    We’re Never Going To Get Rid Of Guns In America, And I Don’t Think That We Could Have Enacted A Different Law Or Background Check To Keep A Guy Like Cho From Buying The Handguns That He Bought. The Solution? Fight Like A Man. Get On Your Knees And Pray.

  3. What the Crap? Friday Steynquote: Tragedy, “Bush’s War”, Invading Pakistan « Says:

    […] be ashamed and repudiated. The same can be said for the insensitive jerks in the media who were running specials on gun control in the midst of their reporting on the Virginia Tech massacre. This practice is vile and reveals a […]

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