Islam Vs. Islamist – Too Hot for PBS?!? – Round II


UPDATE: Here’s the Trailer

(sigh) Well campers, here we go again. (In case you missed Round 1)

The CPB squelching of Islam vs. Islamist: Voices From the Muslim Center, continues. More people are claiming that they were too friendly to the “heroes of the story – who are the courageous Anti-Islamist Muslims who are being, in some cases, ostracized – in other cases bankrupted, and in still other cases intimidated…”

Here is another short (5 min.) interview with Frank Gaffney back on the Hugh Hewitt show:

Apparently, you can’t tell a story about what’s right without it also being unfair, in PBS‘ view. The Washington Post has an article up about the censorship and here’s a great quote:

I am incredulous that PBS would invest so much of our tax money into contracting professionals for a documentary on a subject — the struggle for the soul of Islam — which is one of the most vital debates of the 21st century and then censor its release,” said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, chairman of the Arizona-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy who is featured in the documentary.

Once again, here is what you can do:

  1. Call Pat Harrison (president of CPB). 202-879-9600.
  2. Politely thank her for allowing this film to be made.
  3. Request that she clear the film for showing outside of PBS.

Hugh poses a great exit question:

This is the real deal: state suppression of ideas with which the authorities disagree on ideological/political grounds. Where’s the ACLU? Where’s the left? Where’s the Bush Administration?

And, yes – this will factor into my decision when the next pledge drive comes around.

UPDATE: Gaffney has his own piece up.

The MacNeil criticism was merely the latest of myriad efforts over the past year made by WETA and PBS to suppress the message of “Islam vs. Islamists.” These included: insisting that yours truly be removed as one of the film’s executive producers; allowing a series producer with family ties to a British Islamist to insist on sweeping changes to its “structure and context,” changes that would have assured more favorable treatment of those who are portrayed vilifying and, in some cases, threatening our anti-Islamist protagonists; and hiring as an advisor to help select the final films an avowed admirer of the Nation of Islam – an organization whose receipt of a million dollars from the Saudis to open black Wahhabi mosques is a feature of our documentary. The gravity of this conflict of interest was underscored when the latter showed an early version of our film to Nation of Islam representatives, an action that seemed scarcely to trouble those responsible for the “Crossroads” series at WETA and PBS.

READ the whole enchilada.

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