Hate Crimes and Highschool Crap-heads

As an ode to all the ridiculous hysteria surrounding the recent racist remarks made by what seems like everyone (Imas, Richards, etc.); I encourage you to read this article from Stand To Reason:

Hate Crimes Are Not About Hate

by Gregory Koukl

The result of criminalizing hate under certain circumstances is that only certain types of people get protected. In a state with hate crime legislation, penalties levied for an assault on me would be milder by statutory requirement than for the very same assault on a homosexual. Why? Because as a straight, white male I do not belong to a class protected by this law.

Hate crime legislation, then, turns out to be not really about hate, but politics. It’s not hatred for the victim that is punished. That’s covered under existing statutes. Rather, it’s hatred for a protected class–African-Americans, Jews, homosexuals, etc.–that’s punished under hate crime laws.

Such legislation makes two crimes out of one. The assault is a crime against the victim. The hate is a crime against the victim’s group. Yet how does one make sense of a crime against a group that is a different crime from the one against the victim? Groups have no rights according to the Constitution.

Hate crime laws create a whole new category of faceless, personless victims–the injured class. They identify crimes against no one in particular, but crimes nonetheless, offenses that are punishable. They don’t prohibit all hate, only politically incorrect hate.

[via STR.org]

stfuSeriously, I feel like I am back in high school again. I am not trying to excuse behavior here. I just think everyone could use a few courses at STFU (And, No, neither am I promoting cursing.) The frenzy over all this stuff though has gotten way, way out of hand. Here is some real world advice that could quite possibly chill-out these media hyped debacles:


2 Responses to “Hate Crimes and Highschool Crap-heads”

  1. Matt Turkington Says:

    Well, Mr. Koukl’s article is just a tad misleading. Just because a crime is committed against a black, Jew, or gay doesn’t automatically make it a hate crime. If it did, he’s right, that would be completely absurd. The definition of a hate crime is, are you ready for this, one motivated by hate! This generally encompasses race, sexuality, ethnicity (being different from race), religion, and sexual preference. A prosecutor has to prove – beyond a shadow of reasonable doubt – that the crime was committed purely out of hate. Otherwise, it’s just a normal crime.

    You’ll notice the definition doesn’t spell out the specifics of who is protected and who isn’t. I have every reason to believe that if a crime was perpetrated against me as a straight white man FOR THOSE REASONS, and the prosecutors could prove it, it would be classified as a hate crime.

    So I completely disagree with that article. That is all.

  2. whatthecrap? Says:

    You should email him/them (str.org) about it. I asked them a question once and they got right back to me. I was stunned! I have some thought about this too that I will write later when I have more time to think them out…
    Until then…Phatty Booty.

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