Sports Trivia: ‘You have no idea’ who said…

3 Responses to “Sports Trivia: ‘You have no idea’ who said…”

  1. whatthecrap? Says:

    Starts with ‘Joakim’ – ends with a ‘Noah’

    Give up?

  2. Dennis Says:

    Sanjaya’s err JosephineKimberly Noah’s post game interview was one of the most eloquent interviews that I’ve seen in awhile. It is great to see that his education from that fine academic institution is paying off

  3. What the Crap? Sports Trivia: Answer. « Says:

    […] Trivia: Answer. April 12th, 2007 — whatthecrap? Earlier I posted this sports “Who Said” and I just couldn’t resist or justify Not posting the […]

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