Stop Motion – Tony Vs. Paul

Spoke Reflectors, Chain Guard, Lucky…

First Ride

My Sister and I’s sweet bikes.

…and socks.

The Wallet Clip

Filming from the upstairs of the Alpha Omega House, Adam catches some drunken fool as he wizzes behind a car. Suddenly, the guy decides to pee on something…

(Don’t worry – you can’t see anything you shouldn’t.)

…his wallet.

Apparently, after he was done, he picked the wallet up and put it back in his pocket.

Adam’s laugh is absolutely priceless as he almost drops the camera. It basically makes the clip!

Super Mario Bros Themes

This could be the ‘Feel Good’ post of the year. If this doesn’t make your day, I seriously don’t really know what could. (You could try scrolling down to the Unitards).


Let’s start with the least impressive and work down to the most:

The Outhouse Tuba Version…

The UnManly Version

Yeah, Flute + Beat boxing + Stash – leaves me feeling a little less dude-like. Still – the guy has got skills. I wonder if he has considered Falconry?

The Piano Marathon

Wow – the Gameboy music. Now we are really going back. …a million family car trips. (Except my family where Gameboys were outlawed…we looked at scenery…)

The Wickedly Tasty Lick Shred Your Face Off Version

Believe it or not, my wife and I seriously considered having this song (the original midi one) play when we walked down the isle at the end of our wedding. The setting was the only think that didn’t allow it. Bummer…

The Phatty McBass Version

Ok- things are starting to heat up. I think he ends on the wrong pitch though… But then – the points after, Sweet!

The Classical/Hawaiian Version

This is quite amazing. I want to try and learn this one.

The Absolutely Nuts Two Guitar Freak Version

‘Freak’ – as in, Playing both parts together – that’s ridiculously cool.


6 Months and not 1 post devoted to male unitards??? I should fire myself!


Chicks love grey…


I’m blue, dadum dee dadum…




Gaze upon my upraised hand…only.




Excuse me -Did you just snap my unitard?


The Unitard Stance


Uh…wait a minute. Actually – this did come up in an image search for male unitards…

So…. Not related???

Tim Jackson – NonStop

I noticed today that there has been a surprising lull in drum content on What The Crap. Shame…

Maybe this will get us going again:

The one handed stuff…Hot!!!

Wednesday: Bluegrass – Down in the Valley to Pray

The harmonies in this song always give me the chills for some strange reason.

Bonus: Rollin’ in my Sweet Baby’s Arms

Geez – I hope I have that kinda talent when I get old!

Joakim Noah: pwned!

CCF Trailer #2

This is the second year trailer I made for CCF. (In case you missed it Year 1 here)

Fast Food: Pictures Vs. Real

I came across this site today. They have several pictures of actual fast food next to the promotional/ad pictures of the same items. Very funny and kinda sick.

Fast vs. Real

Find more here.