Naked Milk-Chocolate Mohammed Sculpture

Oh wait – just kidding, it’s only Jesus…again. And by the way, bonus points for being “anatomically correct”. I was seriously worried because I didn’t want to mistake my chocolate Jesus with my chocolate Jezzabel…

M.M. hits the nail directly on the head on this one:

How would the MSM cover an artist exhibition of a “Chocolate Mohammed” timed to coincide with Ramadan?

They wouldn’t.

But find an artist to mock Jesus at Easter with a chocolate sculpture…


…and you’ll get wall-to-wall coverage. “Chocolate Jesus” is on Fox, MSNBC, and ABC. And CNN. And all over the web.

You can read the rest of her great post Here.

I am not going to try and tell you what this “artist’s” motives are (obviously, I don’t know – and the project has been canceled anyway), but one thing is for sure: – making “artistic” statements about Jesus Christ and/or Christianity is so first century (and every day after that). By the way, I am contemplating building an anatomically correct statue of Bill Clinton out of Flake to be unveiled on No Pants Day (or perhaps Blame Someone Else Day). After all, what everyone should really be concerned with is what I think and the statement that I make. Doesn’t- me -Really- me -Matter- me -What- me -You- me -Think- me… Welcome to Art!


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