Tired of White? New Google Themes

Well, There is still some white….but I think the new themes ad a very nice touch to the site. Not to mention – they are stylized with some very unique illustration which further adds to visual interest.


Here is the original classic snooze-fest.

A Beach Scene


The Bus Stop


In Da’ Cit’ay


Tea House




Sweet Dreams – for the minimalist people.

Speaking of minimal: I actually really like minimal designs. However – I think sometimes things get too simple. The web 2.0 style has brought many great things – namely white-space. White-space must be counterbalanced with something interesting to look at in the non-white-space areas. I think this was a great call by Google. Oh – I almost forgot to mention: most of the themes allow you to enter your zip code and the graphic changes a little throughout the day. Yet another cool idea. You can check them out at Google Personalized Home area.
Here is the 500 billion dollar question though: Which theme am I using?


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