Free Online Game: Wombat Combat

Looking for some entertainment? Try whipping some wombat booty over at


Wombat Combat is a fun little game that my friend Tim came up with a few years ago. What do you do in Wombat Combat? You hunt Wombats. The game features:


Different battle areas of increasing difficulty


A Store to buy upgrades with money you earn selling wombat pelts


An area where you can battle your own captured wombat pet.


There is even an area to create items (feature still in development)

Wombat Combat also has several fun events that you will stumble across during your wombat hunting expeditions. You will have to play the game to figure out what they are though.


3 Responses to “Free Online Game: Wombat Combat”

  1. Tim Says:

    Wow, I think my site looks better in your screenshots than in person. Haha, hanks for the link!

  2. heladouche Says:

    I rule this game

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