10,000 and Counting

That’s right. As of 7:30 or so on Sunday night, 10,000 people have officially passed away into the realm of ‘What the Crap?’ Not too shabby for 4 months I suppose. I guess I should probably apologize to everyone who has been accosted by my insanity… But too bad. Anyway, I thought I would permanently enshrine the blog stats in this here blue thingy.


Really though, thanks for checkin’ out my site. I hope that I have entertained you at least a little. Oh, and please keep checking back from time to time and I will keep putting stuff up here. Also – don’t forget to check out some cool, somewhat related blogs (in no specific order).

Anyway, As a token of my good will, I present to you these two droids some of the crucial What the Crap moments – in case you somehow missed them (also not in any particular order):


5 Responses to “10,000 and Counting”

  1. Tim Says:

    The link to stupidtom is broken…

  2. Andrew Says:

    Thanks Tim. Had a few too many ‘http://’s

  3. Tim Says:

    4500 views on 1 day? Do you know what post generated that kind of traffic?

  4. stupidtom Says:

    Thanks for the link! 4553! What did you do that day?

  5. Andrew Says:

    Believe it or not, This Post sorta won a little photoshop contest and got a link from a really hot site. Consiquently – the growth that day put me on up as the top site on WordPress so I drove a ton more random people who just clicked out of interest. It was crazy! Oh, and the funny part – I just threw something together on a lunch-break. No big deal – you know….

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