You may go about your business…

Every-day Stormtroopers…

“Do you know what’s going on?”
“Maybe it’s some sorta drill…”


“Whoa,Whoa, Whoa, let me get that for you.”


“Ok, Ok, My arms are in the cart – let’s get this show on the road!”


“Gotta watch the step at the end…It’s a doozey.”


“Danget – I always watch the van.”


“Hurricane hit my place… You?”


“That’s it… when we get home you’re going straight to bed.”


“Did you put my receipt in the bag?”


“Hey, My turn on Floaty Falcon.”


4 Responses to “You may go about your business…”

  1. Steve Says:


    LOVE The Captions!

  2. Weechy Says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! That is so funny! WHERE do you get these?

    • stormtrooperB Says:

      You never heard of the 501st Legion? It is a HUGE costuming organization (which I belong to) that is world wide. We dress up for non-profit functions and charity events etc. Check out and you will see just how many members there are. These are very uncommon pics if you knew about the 501st. Check it out and you will find the answer to your question.


  3. stephanie Says:

    This is too good!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing!

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