Visa – It’s all the Crap you can handle!

You know your blog is cool when you start getting credit card offers.wtccard.jpg

I guess What The Crap just isn’t AMEX quality material yet…

Remember Those Who Died

Shocking footage. I still remember that day – clear as a bell. And to think there are really (quite a few) people out there that believe our government somehow did this…
I really have no words better than: What. The. Crap.

Naked Milk-Chocolate Mohammed Sculpture

Oh wait – just kidding, it’s only Jesus…again. And by the way, bonus points for being “anatomically correct”. I was seriously worried because I didn’t want to mistake my chocolate Jesus with my chocolate Jezzabel…

M.M. hits the nail directly on the head on this one:

How would the MSM cover an artist exhibition of a “Chocolate Mohammed” timed to coincide with Ramadan?

They wouldn’t.

But find an artist to mock Jesus at Easter with a chocolate sculpture…


…and you’ll get wall-to-wall coverage. “Chocolate Jesus” is on Fox, MSNBC, and ABC. And CNN. And all over the web.

You can read the rest of her great post Here.

I am not going to try and tell you what this “artist’s” motives are (obviously, I don’t know – and the project has been canceled anyway), but one thing is for sure: – making “artistic” statements about Jesus Christ and/or Christianity is so first century (and every day after that). By the way, I am contemplating building an anatomically correct statue of Bill Clinton out of Flake to be unveiled on No Pants Day (or perhaps Blame Someone Else Day). After all, what everyone should really be concerned with is what I think and the statement that I make. Doesn’t- me -Really- me -Matter- me -What- me -You- me -Think- me… Welcome to Art!

Pitiful: Blindside

This song just gets it right. And Swedes can rock.

As I recall with my stomach turning
I was hiding away from myself, away from you
Like nothing, though something was terribly wrong
And I admit that I was only waiting for the right time
Night time, the right moment for you to look away
Though you never did, I pretended for a while
So I could walk where I dont belong

And I remember every word you said
Come back in time, come back
And I remember I would soon be dead
Now so pitiful, so pitiful

But I know, as I hammered those nails into your beautiful hands
Your eyes still try to search for mine, but I look away
Now your eyes are the only thing that can save me
Im still so afraid of them piercing
Youre breaking into my prison,
Just pretended for a while
My soul is dying
I wont look away

And I remember every word you said…

Ill remember every word you said
This time I wont look away

A Charlie Brown Heavy Metal Christmas

I was NOT expecting this song. Music by Tourniquet! Love it!! Made my day again!!!

Chad “the elder” Interviews Mark Steyn

Steyn Coat

Bored? Give this interview a listen while you work.

 Mark Steyn is one of the better writers around these days. He’ll make you laugh even if you disagree.

Hat Tip to for posting the interview.


Old…but still Money.


Not Fake Either ::

HAHA! The soldiers smile just kills me.

Tina, Come get some HAM…

Nice. Welcome to Big Fat Lardy McPorkfest 2007.

The Article on CNN

What’s on the Menu (could you pass the swineflesh?)

The President:

UPDATE: Smigel McCain (not Gollum McCain) – The old guy gets fired up:

The Synopsis:

McGovenment: I’m lovin’ it!

UPDATE: Though I usually tend to dislike McCain – this Money clip prompted a repost. Swineflesh Indeed!

Golf Airhorn

Funniest part of the movie.

Napoleon Dynamite :: Loose Yourself

Not a huge Eminem fan – but this is sweet!