Channels: The Basic Wii Interface

Like all new consul systems – the Nintendo Wii has it’s own interface (OS I guess you could call it) that is always running behind anything else you may be doing. This is nice because it allows you to quit a game at any time without restarting the system.

I like how they have put together their menus and such. The basic concept is that you have channels that you can view – as if the Wii just adds channels to your TV. Each channel is a small module that is either a program/feature (such as the forecast channel and the disc channel) or a virtual consul channel (a old game that you have purchased and downloaded). You can arrange the channels however you want (with the exception of the disc channel) simply by using what I would call a “pinch” by holding both the A and B buttons and then dragging. Simple.

I really like Nintendo’s audio choices for their interface as well. It may not appeal to everyone, but to me, the menu has some very peaceful tones to it that sort of rise and fade gradually. The music is noticable yet minimal and non-intrusive. The sound effects when you interact with items also are very pleasing. You will hear some of the sounds in the clip below.

Another very nice feature of the navigation system is that the Wiimote gives small buzzez when you pass over interactive items. This is great as the tactile sensation helps you feel the navigation as well as see it.

In the great clip below from IGN, you will get a chance to see the navigation in action as well as hear some of the sound effects included.

In the future I will go into more depth about some of the features of the Wii Interface such as the messaging system and the memory slots. Stay tuned.


3 Responses to “Channels: The Basic Wii Interface”

  1. Games :: Channels: The Basic Wii Interface Says:

    […] Original post by What the Crap? […]

  2. Tim Says:

    Aw, I was hoping for a video of Andrew performing the demonstrations!

  3. Andrew Says:

    If I had a good way to capture the stuff I would do it myself. ;)

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