My First Consul Game System – EVER!

WiiMy birthday was this last Wednesday and the Fetching Mrs. Colclough got me the coolest gift ever: The Nintendo Wii.

Now – this gift was not cool just because it was a game system – even being the first one I have every owned. It was cool because she knew that I wanted it more than I was letting on. There were plenty of other sensible things I had mentioned or talked about wanting. She knew though – because she knows me so well. Also, she did such a great job of subtly getting me excited about getting one “some day” in the future. Not to mention: I had been researching getting one a bit and I had thought that they were nearly impossible to get. It turns out that she called a store in Portland that had just happened to get a few in. My mother in law (who lives in Portland) actually left work early to run and pick it up for me. HA! How totally rad of them.

The story doesn’t end there though… The Fetching Mrs. Colclough then got her sister (the female Jack Bauer) in on a clever covert operation to get the device inside our house without me detecting it. I had no clue. It was so cool!

Anyway, I have been fooling around with the Wii a little bit and am very impressed so far. They certainly went out of their way to make a great product (As Nintendo is known to do). The best part – The Fetching Mrs. Colclough can have fun with it too as we can download all the great old games too.

Stay tuned for some in-depth reviews of the Wii’s features and other fun stuff – brought to you by – the one and only: What The Crap?. Just look under Wii Crap. ;)


2 Responses to “My First Consul Game System – EVER!”

  1. little bud Says:

    I AM the female jack bauer!!!! Thanks for noticing man! I am truly excited that you are so pleased with your new toy and I hope you enjoy yourself. I must admit that I had a pretty fun time with it myself! Happy birthday again.

  2. Steve Rives Says:

    And It Begins. Liz, I’m Sorry If Andrew Doesn’t Take Out The Trash For The Next Two Years. Atleast You’ll Only Have Yourself To Blame For Him Being So Distracted…And Your Mom…And Your Sis For Helping… ;)

    Boys And Their Toys…

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