The Global War on Yard-work…

In case you missed the Ric Keller money quote:

Let me give you an analogy. Imagine that you have a next door neighbor who refuses to mow his lawn, and the weeds are up to his waist. You mow his lawn for him every single week. The neighbor never says thank you, he hates you, and sometimes he takes out a gun and shoots at you.

Under these circumstances, would you keep mowing his lawn forever? Would you send even more of your family members over to mow his lawn? Or, would you say to him, you better start mowing your own lawn or there’s going to be serious consequences for you?

Read the whole Schpeel (sp?).

So, over at the Victory Caucus they were having a little Photoshop contest over what I am now going to refer to as The Global War on Yard-work. I just couldn’t resist:

“Together, We pruned the hedges of many small villages…” – Dusty Bottoms (Three Amigos)


aka. The Hogwash Story.


Sorry – had to whip this one together quick. Lunch break…

Coming Soon: Lawnmower Man!

Some people ask: How do you cope during these depressing times? Photoshop – that’s how a cope. Gotta keep laughing a little. I hope these brighten somebody’s day!

LAST BUT NOT LEASTBy Popular Request:



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