A Photographic Ode to Valentine’s Day

Because I love my readers so much…


A Pony


Some Babies


A Pony Trotting


A baby wearing a pony suit.

Logical progression equals:

pony and baby

A baby riding a trotting pony wearing a pony suit.

Bonus Image:babyjar.jpgBaby Jar-Jar Binks wearing a Pony suit.

7 Responses to “A Photographic Ode to Valentine’s Day”

  1. TimBot Says:

    Oh yeah – I like to dance in the rain. Maybe with some ponies frolicking around me.

  2. stupidtom Says:

    Jar-Jar trampled by a pony

  3. elizabethcolclough Says:

    and to think, I married this man.

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  6. Kristina Says:

    I want to no if you are selling the ponies for how much and what color if you want to e-mail me it is kristina.mace@yahoo.com it don’t matter what time or day or evening ok my name is Kristina Mace ok

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